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Shriners / OES Custom Ring Shriners / OES Custom Ring
Model # JW-MR-337 $179.00 White .925 Sterling $199.00 Yellow Gold Plated .925 Sterling $199.00 Gray Oxidized .925 Sterling $209.00 Two Tone White/Yellow .925 Sterling $209.00 Two Tone Gray Oxidized/White .925 Sterling $209.00 Two Tone Gray Oxidized/Yellow .925 Sterling This is our most versatile design allowing you to customize the top and both sides. Available in all the metals, we can even add custom symbols per your request. Also available with a round face. Euro Series Ships in 3-8 weeks acacia,custom symbols,featured,fully customizable,gold,master mason,past master,royal arch,silver,square,super custom,widows sons,york rite
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