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Large Signet Ring Large Signet Ring
Model # JW-MR-350 $109.00 White .925 Sterling $119.00 Yellow Gold Plated .925 Sterling $119.00 Gray Oxidized .925 Sterling $149.00 White .925 Sterling $169.00 Yellow Gold Plated .925 Sterling $169.00 Gray Oxidized .925 Sterling The signet ring is the original masonic ring. Back in the old days, you sealed your correspondence with wax and your signet ring seal. Today few people seal letters anymore but the tradition of the signet ring lives on. Simple, elegant and timeless. This piece can be passed down through the generations. Euro Series Ships in 3-8 weeks compass,heavy,large,master mason,no g,signet,square
Antiqued Natural To buy this item visit our Freemason Rings store.
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