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Your Single Symbol Flip Ring Your Single Symbol Flip Ring
Model # JW-MR-5004 $279.00 White .925 Sterling $289.00 Yellow Gold Plated .925 Sterling Just like our regular flip ring but now you can use YOUR symbol. The other side is left blank. This ring can be resized but would require a skilled jeweler, please double check your size before ordering this ring. Because of the unique shape of this ring, lineage numbers are engraved on the lower shank when selected. Please email your custom artwork to us. This is a piece of fine jewelry, it is not a toy. If you sit in lodge and continuous flip the face it will break eventually. The face is meant to be flipped when you are not wearing the ring to avoid placing stress on the chassis. Euro Series Ships in 4-6 Weeks flip,full custom,secret,sterling,super custom,swivel
Antiqued Natural To buy this item visit our Freemason Rings store.
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